Rize is the centre of Turkey's important tea crop. It has the highest rainfall in Turkey, making its beautiful mountains lush and green. Spiritual fruit is rare, though there are believers from Rize in other cities. Spiritual rain needed.

The rewards of patience

Photo from Rize

Things didn't seem to be going so well for the team in Rize. The bus they wanted to take had already left, the women who harvested tea were off working in another village and though they prayed and shared with a few people, they weren't able to explain the gospel in full. On their way home at sunset, a group of women leaned over the balcony and urged them to come up saying, "Gel, gel!" The team joined them and after answering the usual questions, the local women began to ask questions about their faith. They had so many questions! Grace was able to fully explain the gospel and also left them the "God is Love" book, which they happily accepted. Leaving after 11 pm, five more women urged the girls to come join them. They also began to ask questions about faith and Grace once more was able to completely explain the Gospel to them. They managed to fall into bed at 2 am! "Behold, we count them happy who endure!" James 5:11

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    The team in Rize walked through a neighbourhood and were able to chat with seven different groups of ladies as well as the kids and grandkids that... more

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