Rize is the centre of Turkey's important tea crop. It has the highest rainfall in Turkey, making its beautiful mountains lush and green. Spiritual fruit is rare, though there are believers from Rize in other cities. Spiritual rain needed.

Something fishy

Photo from Rize

The team of four found it hard going in Rize. The men found it hard to engage people in conversation. The women were suspicious of taking anything from the girls. They were a bit discouraged when they met for dinner and it didn't help when the restaurant owner tried to charge them more than the price they saw posted before they sat down. But then they found he was open to talking and so a conversation started. A conversation that developed and moved to the man's fishing hut. And as the man took the team out on his boat, the conversation developed into a holy moment when they shared the story of Jesus telling His disciples to throw their net on the other side of the boat to catch more fish. Pray that this man would lay down his own nets of striving and follow Jesus.