Rize is the centre of Turkey's important tea crop. It has the highest rainfall in Turkey, making its beautiful mountains lush and green. Spiritual fruit is rare, though there are believers from Rize in other cities. Spiritual rain needed.

"Why are you here?"

Photo from Rize

The team in Rize walked through a neighbourhood and were able to chat with seven different groups of ladies as well as the kids and grandkids that were around. They have worked out a wonderful way to share using the story of how God brought them to Turkey. One of the ladies had had a dream the night before that two foreigners were going to come to her home and that she should invite them in! The team was able to fully share the gospel with her and her teenage grandkids, as well as one of the other groups of ladies.

  • The rewards of patience

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    Things didn't seem to be going so well for the team in Rize. The bus they wanted to take had already left, the women who harvested tea were off... more

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