Rize is the centre of Turkey's important tea crop. It has the highest rainfall in Turkey, making its beautiful mountains lush and green. Spiritual fruit is rare, though there are believers from Rize in other cities. Spiritual rain needed.

An amazing opportunity!

Photo from Rize

Our team had the privilege of going to a language school and helping the students with their English. Two of the team shared their stories of faith and the students listened. One student saw that one story had a good ending and the other a bad ending but the one with the good ending was because of Jesus. One of the students then downloaded the Bible onto her phone. Another student was given some literature to read. The team are still talking with the student who is reading the Bible and came to know Jesus. She is praying in Jesus name and is also sharing with others what she is learning. Also, many of the people there were touched by the message and are inviting us to go back again. Another person was prayed for, 'I' and was healed. He was very surprised his pain went away and said, 'what have you done?' We said Jesus healed you and explained the good news to him. He is still reading the literature given to him. 'I' a contact from the BCC is curious to learn more and we prayed and shared the message with him. Others too received literature from us

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