Rize is the centre of Turkey's important tea crop. It has the highest rainfall in Turkey, making its beautiful mountains lush and green. Spiritual fruit is rare, though there are believers from Rize in other cities. Spiritual rain needed.

One house at a time

Mary and Joy, two itinerant evangelists, had wonderful encounters with Jesus in Rize during the summer of 2014. "We walked around neighborhoods praying and smiling at ladies, which gave us opportunities to share. One day, we commented on a lady's interesting braid which led to her inviting us home. We gave her a Jesus film and stayed up until 2 am watching the film with her daughters. Another day, we hiked up a mountain where we met the imam's family who takes care of the mosque at the very top. They cooked dinner for us and we got to share our faith in Jesus, leaving them with a New Testament. We also spent time with the neighbors around the house we stayed at. A highlight was having a few of them really understand the good news to the point that they asked, "well, if your sins are forgiven and you have made peace with God and don't need to earn good work points then how do you spend your time?" Pray for them to take the step of faith and accept God's free gift."

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    Hemşin is a region of Rize made up of ethic Armenians whose ancestors converted to Islam in the 1890s through 1920's to save themselves from death.... more

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