Osmaniye has only been a province since the late 1990s. It is an important agricultural centre but spiritual fruit has been obscured by conservatism and nationalism. Who will go?

Troubadors for the King

Photo from Osmaniye

Dave and Dan travelled to Kadirli, a town in the province of Osmaniye. They visited about three or four music shops and cafés so that Dan, who had taken his guitar, could play his original music. At one café, Dan also shared some information on where some of the guys there could find the music he had recorded on the internet. He also shared his testimony and they looked up the songs while they were there and played them until they left. Pray that the words of the songs and the testimony will encourage them to seek Jesus.

  • Sharing from life's hurts

    Thumbnail photo from Osmaniye

    Two brothers travelled from Adana to Osmaniye, where, as musicians, they spent the whole day in a music shop, playing and sharing. İbrahim who... more

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