Nevşehir is a well known touristic area but the local culture continues as ordinary, small town life. Despite its deep Christian roots, there are only a few believers. Come see historic churches and call people to be the living church.

Let the little ones come

A member of the Austrian team shares her story: İWhen I went out on our day off in Cappadocia to spend time alone and with God, I was really looking forward to the quiet time and sat down on a stone facing a valley. After about an hour a young girl walked down the way beside me to the next house and greeted me. When I looked up again, she was standing just few meters in front of me and then sat down next to me. Sıla was 10 years old, she lived in Ortahisar with her mother and stepfather and wants to become a police woman. I was able to seize the opportunity and tell her the unique story of Jesus, his death and resurrection, which she had never heard before. She looked at me very attentively with her trusting eyes and listened very well. I also sang the song "Müjde bu" (This is the Good News) for her because music is her favorite subject at school. I pray for Sıla that she will one day follow Jesus, and if I travel to Ortahisar again, I'll look for her in her street." Every believer travelling to Turkey - even on holiday - can ask God for these kinds of opportunities!

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