Muş, in the east of Turkey, had a terrible earthquake in 1966. Many people still live in temporary housing. This is a conservative area with very few believers but interest in the BCC was once good. Come show them Jesus.

Still a challenge

Photo from Muş

It's a challenge on a good day to see spiritual interest in people of the East. Tight clans, family units, suspicion, fear and lack of opportunity make a true spiritual seeker a rare bird. Add now the difficult political climate and things are a challenge indeed when trying to share the Good News there. Four believers arrived by car, with plenty of New Testaments and Jesus films to gift to people in Muş. Unfortunately, there as a road block at the entrance to the province and more than ten plainclothes policemen, a videographer, interested members of a SWAT team and regular traffic police became involved in the search and discovery of these materials. The team did have some good conversations and it was encouraging to see a few policemen take some of the literature and hide it in their pockets! The group were grudgingly "allowed" into the city to have lunch and see a few historical things, carefully guarded by two cars of police. Pray that the people of Muş would be visited in their sleep by dreams and visions of the Lord - something the local authorities can't control.