Muş, in the east of Turkey, had a terrible earthquake in 1966. Many people still live in temporary housing. This is a conservative area with very few believers but interest in the BCC was once good. Come show them Jesus.

The open hearts of students

"Mus has a relatively new university which opened just four years ago. While we were distributing flyers and More than Dreams and Jesus Film CDs we were approached by a man and a woman who were studying philosphy at the university. They took the materials but then turned back towards us, wanting to talk. We invited them to come to a cafe. They asked a lot of questions about God and the Bible – anxious to receive answers. They had asked their teachers at the university similar questions but had not received satisfactory answers. We spent several hours with them, and the young man especially seemed moved by what we told him. It seems they had been searching for the Lord for a long time. Pray that they will find the answers they seek."

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    Though Mus is very conservative, the team from the BCC had a good conversation with a couple. The man had a lot of bitterness in his life and... more

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