Muğla is the party province! It's coastal areas boast bars, discos and night life. Two or three tiny fellowships have emerged, but sadly, locals generally see those they regard as "Christians" at their worst. Come, change their minds.

Supporting the church

Photo from Muğla

The team in Muğla is supporting the local church and giving out QR cards with Christian books and films! They also report: "We sat next to a lady in the park who spoke good English! She asked why we were there and we told her we were visiting the local church. The lady said she loved churches because of the 'mystery.' We gave her info about the local church and talked about common characters in the Bible and the Qur'an, like Abraham and Moses. We then asked her if she wanted prayer and she was surprised we meant right then! But she requested prayer for everything! After we prayed, she hugged us, thanked us and said she felt full of energy! Now ask God to reveal Himself to her." "Another lady sat down, looking very hot. We loaned her a fan and offered her a tract, which she read aloud with interest! We prayed for healing for her and gave her a card with the church info on it. Another team member bought ice creams for all, which she enjoyed! She declined an İncil, saying she already had one but was appreciative of the different brochures she received."