Muğla is the party province! It's coastal areas boast bars, discos and night life. Two or three tiny fellowships have emerged, but sadly, locals generally see those they regard as "Christians" at their worst. Come, change their minds.

Sowing widely!

Photo from Muğla

An American woman, an Iranian man and a Turkish new believer made an interesting short-term team down in Muğla this summer! Boldly interacting with everyone they met, they distributed dozens of tracts, Jesus films and Gospels of John to shopkeepers, waiters and passersby. They spent the most time with Aynur, a wealthy but hardened and bitter woman from İstanbul. Sharing was hard going - but after a few days they sensed her softening and she received a New Testaments from them. The friends are still Facebook friends with the ones they met and continue to share through social media. Surely this is a good model for Christians on holiday everywhere!