Mersin used to be called İçel but has been renamed after its largest city. Paul of Tarsus is from here! More than 70% of the population is from the east.There are several churches and a few believers are keen on reaching out.

The Gospel Bus

Photo from Mersin

As our team traveled from place to place on dolmuses (bus-like, shared taxis) some of us would sing worship songs in Turkish. Then, when people exited the bus at their destinations, we handed them tracts and other literature. Singing is a great way to get the Gospel out! • We frequented markets, bazaars, and parks handing out leaflets containing the Good News. At one restaurant, we sang of the sacrifice of Jesus and how his blood cleanses us of sin. We could hear the shopkeepers in the back discussing what we sang. They all accepted tracts explaining more.

  • Using the arts

    Thumbnail photo from Mersin

    On our final night in Mersin, our group went to the sea front to sing and share. As one of our team members walked behind us playing the guitar,... more

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