Mardin is an historically Orthodox area with many Suryani families. There are also several monasteries that train young boys to be priests. It is difficult to know how much genuine faith there is here - come, fan the winds of revival!

Our Psychologist

Photo from Mardin

The Diyarbakır church in the east of Turkey has produced an original play called “Our Psychologist.” Styled on day-time Turkish talk shows, guests come and share their problems then the audience watches them put the advice into action back at home. In between scenes, a live band performs well known songs. October saw the first performance in Mardin, a beautiful old city near the Syrian border. Before the performance, the team hit the streets with leaflets advertising the show. The lead guitarist writes: “Amazingly, we not only had permission to use a lovely new university theatre, but around 450 people filled the 550 seats. They were a very warm audience and a man on the city council requested that we return next year, while many people took Pastor Ahmet's book and even asked him to sign it for them. Later that night as we returned to Diyarbakır, Pastor Ahmet's mobile phone rang as he was on the side of the road changing a flat tire no less, and a man from Mardin was so impacted by the marriage issues raised that he wanted marriage counseling there and then!"