Manisa contains the sites of three of the seven churches in the book of Revelation. It is rich economically. There are several believers, visited regularly by believers in İzmir. A church could soon form! Come and help.

Unbelievable opportunity!

Photo from Manisa

A long term couple were invited to a small town in Manisa province. It turned out to be a very conservative town. Unbelievably, they were invited to speak at five different schools. In one of the high schools, they even gathered all 300 pupils in one big conference hall and the students were told, "This is Lotta and Jaap and now they will tell you about their faith." It was amazing opportunity to be able to share in front of more than 300 people at once! Lotta and Jaap were given a beautiful woven carpet as a thank you and were also brought to the offices of the mayor and other provincial officials. We have never heard of such an opportunity as this - ask God to provide many more!