The apricot capital of Turkey, Malatya is a fertile area on the Anatolian plain. However, it is known more in Christian circles as the place where three believers were brutally murdered in 2007. Come ensure their lives bear much fruit.

Holiday wanderings

Photo from Malatya

Three brothers from local fellowships decided to visit Malatya park shopping center on the first day of the sacrifice holiday. One brother wandered the shopping center, passing out Jesus CDs and he also got to share with the man driving the children’s train around the shopping center. Later, he went back to share more with the man and was able to give him a New Testament. Pray that he reads it and seeks to know the truth. A guy sat down next to one of the other brothers as he read a booked called ‘God is love’. Our believing brother asked the guy the meaning of a word and then the guy asked what the book was. R him if he had done a sacrifice for the holiday but he said his family didn’t because it was too expensive. R asked why people do the sacrifice and then explained the story of Abraham and from that how Jesus died as a sacrifice for us. R gave him a tract about sacrifice, pray that he would reflect on the message and seek to know more about the sacrifice Christ made for him.