The apricot capital of Turkey, Malatya is a fertile area on the Anatolian plain. However, it is known more in Christian circles as the place where three believers were brutally murdered in 2007. Come ensure their lives bear much fruit.

Partnering together

Photo from Malatya

The large international team in Malatya were there at the invitation of the local church. This is the church that lost three believers in 2007 when they were tortured and killed by ultranationalist youth. The church continues on and the team worked hard to spread literature and invitations to the church. One of their ideas was to do an 'international night!' They made signs for the church, spent a day passing out invitations and then presented an evening with songs, pictures and games from their different cultures. Both church members and guests came to the evening where there was many opportunities to share the gospel while enjoying tea and snacks together after the program had finished. Please pray that the seekers who attended would be drawn to the warm fellowship and that their curiosity about Jesus would grow. And pray they would come to faith! Pray too that God would use each piece of literature and each DVD distributed in the city.

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    A large international team made up of many Turkish speakers travelled to Malatya to partner with the local church there. *Joy and Anya met a... more

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