The capital of Kütahya dates back to the 6th century BC and the fable writer, Aesop, was born here. The apostle Paul certainly passed through. It is the centre of high quality ceramic production but living stones are few. Please come!

More than we could ask or think

Photo from Kütahya

The theatre group with the story of Abraham, who were travelling in the region, were praying and asking God where to go next. God clearly shut the door to one place and opened it unexpectedly in the town of Tavşanlı. Arriving at dusk one evening, they performed rather timidly in the growing darkness to a group of only a dozen people. Going for dinner later, at a small, cramped and very ordinary restaurant, they were overwhelmed by a feast and the hospitality of the owners, who also arranged some excellent accommodation. Feeling God's blessing, the team decided to fan across the open market the next day, working in pairs. Hundreds of gospel leaflets were distributed, New Testaments were gifted, passersby stopped to listen to gospel conversations and others were stopping team members asking "Are you the ones with the New Testaments?" Even a short visit to the police due to a complaint could not hinder their joy! God is doing far more than we could ask or think!