The capital of Kütahya dates back to the 6th century BC and the fable writer, Aesop, was born here. The apostle Paul certainly passed through. It is the centre of high quality ceramic production but living stones are few. Please come!

Still watering

Photo from Kütahya

Our second day in Kütahya, we followed up our visits. A member of our team who was born into a Muslim family told her story to one of the women we visited. She was totally shocked by it but wanted time to think more. She was caring for some ill men so a few of us went to visit and pray and give hope. Our other visits got cancelled but we went to a park cafe for rest. There we met a family and prayed for the mother. Her son was interested in talking more so after discussing about the Bible, he said he wanted to learn more. The next day he arranged to talk more and seems very sincere. May our Father create a huge harvest here!

  • The living water

    Thumbnail photo from Kütahya

    The team in Kütahya writes: "After descending a dangerous path from the castle, God led us to a small village area. Tired from the walk, we asked a... more

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