The capital of Kütahya dates back to the 6th century BC and the fable writer, Aesop, was born here. The apostle Paul certainly passed through. It is the centre of high quality ceramic production but living stones are few. Please come!

A divine opportunity

After worshipping out loud, in public, and in what was a quiet place we noticed several people listening to us. Two guys came close to sit by us and the waiter listened without comment to the songs we sang in Turkish. They didn't ask us any questions but enjoyed the music they said. On our way from this place we noticed a family of four sitting a little away from us. The woman smiled at us and so we approached them. They appeared to be quite religious but friendly to us. We introduced ourselves to them and then explained why we were there and could we explain a very important message to them. One lady in our team shared the message of Gods love and forgiveness through Jesus and she listened with tears in her eyes. The others too listened without comment and warmed to us even more by the end. We asked if we could pray for them there and did so and again even though they didnt ask any questions to us we believe the woman especially was touched by our Father. May she see Him in dreams and have hope.

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