The capital of Kütahya dates back to the 6th century BC and the fable writer, Aesop, was born here. The apostle Paul certainly passed through. It is the centre of high quality ceramic production but living stones are few. Please come!

One at a time

Photo from Kütahya

An experienced short term team from South Africa came to Turkey with lots of prayer support behind them and a desire to bless southwest Turkey. God blessed them with some beautiful encounters in Kütahya. They first met a family with whom they could share and exchange gifts and email addresses. Then God prompted Susan, not just to enter the mosque, but also to pray through it. While she was upstairs, another woman on the team heard Susan's husband say, "Go upstairs and be with Susan." She went, where she found Susan and the young woman - though Susan's husband said he had never said that! Struck by the privilege of hearing God's voice, the believers prayed for this young woman and she joyfully embraced them afterwards. Later, she gave her prayer beads to Susan, something she had always God for, as a symbol. The team was encouraged to see nearly 30 New Testaments and Jesus films distributed in Kütahya.