Konya is one of the largest provinces in Turkey. Its capital has been an important centre of trade for 4000 years. Its Biblical name is Iconium and was visited by Paul. The people are conservative but there are a few believers.

A prepared heart

Photo from Konya

We visited a district outside the city centre but due to Ramazan there weren’t many people in the streets. We had a rest under a tree, but also worshipped and prayed that God would lead us. We then began walking the residential areas but began to feel thirsty and hungry. At that time, a 17 year old boy was passing by who invited us to his house. It was a poor home but we had a good time of sharing with music. After supper we prayed for the family with the hope that God would help them. In the end, God allowed us an opportunity to share with the boy’s mother. The team eagerly shared with her and with the Father’s merciful heart God touched her heart through the prayer, she prayed an acceptance prayer with eyes full of tears. She wanted to read the Bible. We praised God that He prepared this family and allowed us to shared the Good News. Pray this family would be richer spiritually and God would use this family as a channel of life and be a testimony to him in this district.

  • God's divine plan

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    We visited Konya during a snowy winter. We prayer walked and asked God to direct us to seekers. When it was time to leave, we couldn't get the bus... more

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