Konya is one of the largest provinces in Turkey. Its capital has been an important centre of trade for 4000 years. Its Biblical name is Iconium and was visited by Paul. The people are conservative but there are a few believers.

The fake vs real imam, Part II

Photo from Konya

Shortly afterwards, another man walked up asking for an İncil and began asking other questions as well. He turned out to be civil police who called in reinforcements and the two team leaders were questioned for a long while. Then they were told the 'imam' was actually a fake and they were calling in the real imam! When he arrived, he took the İncil and spent time reading it. Finally he showed a verse to the police from the book of James about our tongues being able to bless or curse and he said it was wonderful! After he "approved" of the book, the police released our team leaders with apologies, assuring them they were doing nothing illegal but cautioning them to "be careful." The translator even gave his phone number in case they needed any more help! The rest of the team had been watching from a window nearby and felt they should pray for the imam. Would you join them? An imam who has been drawn in the New Testament, who was delighted to receive it..what might God do?

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