Konya is one of the largest provinces in Turkey. Its capital has been an important centre of trade for 4000 years. Its Biblical name is Iconium and was visited by Paul. The people are conservative but there are a few believers.

Sowing Abundantly

Photo from Konya

An international team braved cold and snow to travel to Konya in January, 2016. They divided into smaller groups after arrival and headed out, looking for interested folk. One group met a friendly man who invited them to his shop. They talked for 1.5 hrs about how our good works cannot earn our place in heaven and about the way of salvation. They left him with a New Testament and a Jesus film. At the campus, another group became friendly with a group of girls, amazed that one of them admitted that she had been wanting a Bible to read for two weeks! She was delighted when she was given one that day as a present and they saw her later, reading it as she walked down the street! Over their three day trip, the team connected with around 30 people nd gave out 12 New Testaments, nine Jesus films, six Magdalena films, two "In spite of everything, love" booklets and also several brochures. They were very encouraged by 1 Cor 3:7 about planting the seed and someone else watering it but in the end it grows. May this be true of Konya!