Kocaeli's capital, İzmit, was founded in 262 BC making this a rich historical area. However, it is known primarily for the devasting earthquake that took tens of thousands of lives in 1999. There is now a church with its own building.

Pearls of great price

Photo from Kocaeli

The team in Kocaeli spent their evening dropping pearls of the good news into different peoples' lives! Two girls chatted with two of the team girls and they were able to give them the "God is love" booklet and the "You are Special" card which they were reading even as the team walked away. Pray for their hearts to be opened to God's great love for them! The guys on the team sought out conversations in coffee shops and cafes. Few had any real spiritual interest so they used superficial topics in order to get deeper. Ahmet was concerned about money and work so they helped him download an app in order to read the Bible on his phone. A waiter was interested in movies and America so the guys gave him a Jesus film, telling him it was a fantastic film with an unbelievable message! A married couple, when they realised the girls weren't Muslims, launched into their own evangelism. :) But the girls were able to hold their own and give good apologetic responses to some of the attacks on Christianity. Later, they were able to give the couple a book which they happily accepted!