Kırşehir reflects its name which means "countryside city." In Ottoman times it was the centre of Masonic-like brotherhoods and there are still locations of folk Islamic reverence. There has been no known fruit - will you sow?

Pain in hands and heart

Photo from Kırşehir

Believers visiting Kırşehir for the sake of the gospel became friendly with one of the cleaning ladies in the hotel. She shared about the pain in her hands - but recoiled at the thought of being prayed for in Jesus' name. Over days of giving out good literature on the street they shared with her several more times and she finally agreed to be prayed for. After the girls prayed, she was expressing the joy and peace she was feeling and then stopped in amazement - the pain in her hands was gone! A lady they met in the park was also in pain, but this time in her heart. She was from Iraq and had fled the problems there. From a Christian background, she was longing for freedom of religion and the opportunity to worship freely. The girls prayed for her, played with her children and felt awash with God's great love and mercy for them.