Kırşehir reflects its name which means "countryside city." In Ottoman times it was the centre of Masonic-like brotherhoods and there are still locations of folk Islamic reverence. There has been no known fruit - will you sow?

Sowing in students, Part II

Photo from Kırşehir

Daniel and Barney met a Kurdish student who was sipping tea in an outdoor cafe by himself. The student invited them to sit and ordered tea for them. With his limited English and their limited Turkish, they managed - with the help of Google Translate - to talk about life, study, travel and religion. When Daniel asked him if he had ever read the holy books he said that he hadn't - but of them all he would really like to read the New Testament! Daniel pulled out a copy of John's Gospel and he was very eager to receive it. Later, Daniel realised he did have one last copy of the New Testament so as they were talking, he took it out of his bag and put it on the table. A passing waiter was attracted to its colourful cover, stopped to leaf through it, but wasn't interested in further dialogue. But the student's eyes lit up and wanted to look at it. He spent some time reading different sections and when Daniel said he could have the book as a gift, he smiled and thanked him, tucking it carefully away. Please pray for this student to arrive at a knowledge of the truth!

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