Kırklareli is forested and logically famous for furniture making. It shares a border with Bulgaria which means that drug smuggling is a problem. Residents put a high emphasis on education and materialism seems a stronger draw than Islam.

A dream from God!

Photo from Kırklareli

Outside a restaurant one of the guys there stood out to me so I asked if he spoke English. We eventually go to his art studio and we said we were followers of Jesus and hear from God. I spoke some prophetic words to him and they were encouraged. After we went to a cafe and he told us he had a picture of Jesus on the cross in his house. He said he didn't understand why Jesus died. They were amazed when we shared our testimony and the story of Jesus and said they had never heard this before. The next day he gave me a painting, 'creation of Adam' by Michelangelo and said this will forever remind me of you. We gave them a NT and they were completely surprised and said it was a great gift. Then he told me last night he had a dream where I was Eli from the movie and I was going to give him an important book. We were all amazed. He looked through the NT and I showed him how to find passages and wrote some for him. He loved them and said he would read a little every night. We prayed for them and said we would stay in contact.

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