Kırklareli is forested and logically famous for furniture making. It shares a border with Bulgaria which means that drug smuggling is a problem. Residents put a high emphasis on education and materialism seems a stronger draw than Islam.

Sowing seeds in the provincial capital

Photo from Kırklareli

The people of Kirklareli were friendly and interested in our material. They really liked the tracts; some even came running after us to ask if they could get the cards we had given their friends. Some of us got invited in for tea. One man decided to be our tour guide for the rest of the day and then introduced us to his family. The only negative response we received was from a woman who was angered because she thought our tracts were political propaganda related to the upcoming elections. We also were stopped once by the police who took copies of our passports and warned us not to continue. Of course it was intimidating to be stopped by the police, but they were friendly and kind.

  • Abundant hospitality!

    Thumbnail photo from Kırklareli

    1,000 cards advertising a Christian website were distributed in Luleburgaz and another 1,000 in Kırklareli. Because of this work, nearly 100 people... more

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