Kırklareli is forested and logically famous for furniture making. It shares a border with Bulgaria which means that drug smuggling is a problem. Residents put a high emphasis on education and materialism seems a stronger draw than Islam.

Encouraging news!

This province near the Bulgarian border has never historically had a gathering of believers – with only the rare believer here and there over the years. It was chosen for outreach this year precisely for that reason. The good news is that not only is there now a house group of believers, a Turkish church in Istanbul is targeting Kırklareli now for a new church plant! This model of an Istanbul church planting a congregation in an outlying province has been very successful in Tekirdağ, another province in the Thrace region of Turkey. Please pray first for this church in Istanbul. They are quite new and small themselves, though the pastor is very experienced and has had a long history in doing evangelism in Thrace. Pray that God adds to their number evangelists and those with a vision to see churches planted outside of Istanbul. Pray for this house group in Kırklareli. Ask God to pour out His favour and blessing on them. May they enjoy loving relationships amongst the believers and God changing them into the likeness of Jesus. May others wonder and ask, “What does this mean”??

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