Kırıkkale was part of Ankara but became its own province in 1989. It has a well developed industry sector which includes weapons, steel and petrol. There was once the beginnings of a fellowship but persecution scattered the believers.

Having a ball!

Photo from Kırıkkale

The team visiting Kırıkkale writes: "On our last day in Kırıkkale we fell that we should play some sports and invited our team members to get in contact with people. So we went to a park and played some ball games with people. After a while we came in contact with 2 guys, 21 and 25 years old. They played with us and we had fun with them. When we sat down for a break they started asking us why we were here. They also said they could see we were good people. We started to tell them and they start asking us if we were Muslim. We answered that we are followers of Jesus. Then the questions came from their side. How do you pray? What do you believe? Many questions! We could share the whole gospel with them and that we have a personal God who loves them. We gave them the Jesus film and we had the impression that we showed them that followers of Jesus are good people, we loved them with the love of Jesus and shared were that love came from."