Kırıkkale was part of Ankara but became its own province in 1989. It has a well developed industry sector which includes weapons, steel and petrol. There was once the beginnings of a fellowship but persecution scattered the believers.

Waking the seeker

On a sunny but chilly day 4 ladies from Ankara headed over to spend the day in Kırıkkale. Stopping at a beauty shop for directions, they were invited in for tea. The two women were offered Jesus films as gifts and as soon as the two young men working in the shop saw them, they eagerly joined in for a good religious conversation. One of the men, Onur, was extremely eager - he grabbed one of the DVDs and immediately started tearing into it. While the women were talking, Onur read every word on that DVD cover. He pulled out his telephone to look things up on the internet. At one point he came over to turn the music down so he would be sure to not miss any of the conversation. Eventually, he interrupted to ask for a New Testament, which was gladly given! He immediately went over to the window by himself and started devouring the pages, with an intense expression of curiosity and pleasure. After reading a little while he went to the CD player and put in the Jesus film. As we sat there the story of Jesus’ life started to play over the loud speakers in this beauty shop!