Kilis is one of the newer provinces. Located on the Syrian border, many people here have relatives on the Syrian side and they are affected when relations with Syria sour. Water rights are a big issue - let's offer the free water of life!

Population "exchange"

Photo from Kilis

The province of Kilis – not much bigger than the city itself – had 100,000 Turks before the war in Syria. Now it has 170,000 Syrians as well, making Syrians the largest people group in the province. This has of course caused tensions with the local population, as well as competition for jobs and resources. Kilis was a part of Syria until the First World War and a district of the province of Gaziantep until 1996. The largest church in Gaziantep has done several outreach trips there, spreading good news and showing mercy to the Syrian visitors. The church has now decided to open a branch of its legal association. Let’s see what God does in Kilis!