Kilis is one of the newer provinces. Located on the Syrian border, many people here have relatives on the Syrian side and they are affected when relations with Syria sour. Water rights are a big issue - let's offer the free water of life!

Encountering hungry hearts

Photo from Kilis

An international group, predominantly from the Far East, shared this report with great rejoicing: "We were conscious that we were in a province where there has been little outreach and with no known group of believers. So we started by going to the highest point of the city to prayerwalk. I spoke to a man who was watching us. He was happy to receive a New Testament. Some of the ladies entered the flat above the bakkal's shop at the invitation of his wife. The family were also pleased to receive books, etc. The next day we were close to the university. We had all given out NTs and while waiting for the remaining group members to come to the rendezvous point, we continued offering books to passers-by. Two groups of plainclothes police came and started to question us. Eventually they kindly helped us by giving us escort to the provincial border... but not before they had received personal copies of the NT! They were so happy! We had been able to distribute more NTs than we thought possible... and to people who already had a desire to read it! God is AMAZING!"