Kayseri is an ancient city, called 'Caesarea' in Roman times. It has a powerful Christian history which is sadly not reflected in the city's conservatism. There is, though, a small but growing fellowship. Come join them in outreach.

More than we could ask or think

Photo from Kayseri

“On the bus on the way to Kayseri, we got into a conversation with two young ladies who boarded in Ankara. One of them was so eager to hear about Jesus, explaining that she has been thinking about the nature of God and why God cared that women were covered, as her friends claimed was the nature of righteousness. She was so thirsty for the living water that she read the parts of the New Testament that we point out to her right there – plus, she read it aloud so the whole bus could hear the Bible! After an hour-long conversation, she prayed to receive Jesus, repeating the prayer in Turkish after we told her in English. Her covered mother who is a teacher of Turkish was next to her and not only was she not against the conversation but also at the next tea stop invited us for tea and asked us for counsel regarding her daughter's future. Pray that Zeynep would meet with other believers and grow in her newfound faith!

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    "By the time we arrived in Kayseri, the service guy also received a New Testament and we had been through one police check. When we got out of... more

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