Kayseri is an ancient city, called 'Caesarea' in Roman times. It has a powerful Christian history which is sadly not reflected in the city's conservatism. There is, though, a small but growing fellowship. Come join them in outreach.

Those who seek, find

Photo from Kayseri

A group from South Africa has a unique approach of preparing precious bundles for seekers to find. "Our final stop was the city of Kayseri. Although I knew it to be the largest of the cities on our route, we also knew that we did not have much time to distribute the final items in our possession. We went out to Mount Erciyes and just spent the most valuable two hours on the mountain top, praying for the city, but also praying over the material we placed and for the people of the provinces we visited, but also the people of Turkey. On our return to the base, we asked to visit the nomads on the far side of the mountain. This too was so special as we drank chai with the lady and later her daughter with her children appeared and we could also bless them with sweets and other small gifts. We returned to Kayseri and completed our task on the last night. We flew back to Istanbul, knowing that 80 bundles of New Testaments, gospel letters and DVDs were placed in Kayseri for seekers to find."