Kayseri is an ancient city, called 'Caesarea' in Roman times. It has a powerful Christian history which is sadly not reflected in the city's conservatism. There is, though, a small but growing fellowship. Come join them in outreach.

The Holy Spirit tells us what to say

Photo from Kayseri
Kayseri Otogar

"By the time we arrived in Kayseri, the service guy also received a New Testament and we had been through one police check. When we got out of the bus, there were yet other policemen to check our documents. After examining them and checking their database, they carefully asked if we had a number of New Testaments with us. Clearly the bus driver had mentioned something to them. They asked if we would mind showing our bags to them and we decided that we would only do so if they had a special order. The police were hesitant and uncomfortable. But when they asked when we planned to move on and we explained we were leaving the next day, there were smiles all around. We felt like Brother Andrew on one of his smuggling experiences. The box which obviously contained literature was completely blinded from their sight ! We went off rejoicing and praising the Lord!”

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