Kayseri is an ancient city, called 'Caesarea' in Roman times. It has a powerful Christian history which is sadly not reflected in the city's conservatism. There is, though, a small but growing fellowship. Come join them in outreach.

Partnering with a local church!

We always rejoice when we can partner with local churches in The 1881 Project. The small church in Kayseri has a burden for its province and so a group of Austrian believers went to help them with an outreach using English classes. One of the team was at first disappointed that the first hour was mainly people from the church, though later more than half came from outside. But the conversation this team member had was a surprising gift. It turned out that the man wasn't a believer yet but a seriously seeking Muslim. He had many questions about faith which the team member was able to answer. They were able to share on a deep level. The team went away rejoicing that they had the privilege of sharing faith so clearly with those both under and outside the influence of the church. "