Kastamonu is too north of the İstanbul-Ankara road to see many visitors or much development. It is best known as the home of many apartment caretakers in İstanbul and Ankara. Come and make Jesus famous here.

God leads

Photo from Kastamonu

In Kastamonu we met Cuma from Urfa. I had been asking a group of people a question about a landmark but they weren't helpful. Cuma, on the other hand, heard me and saw that I was getting a response so he cam over to help. I was able to talk with him about faith and the differences between our faiths. My team mate had a verse come to mind, so I asked Cuma if he had ever read the New Testament. He said no, but that he had always wanted to but had not been able to find one. At the end of our conversation I gave him a New Testament and he invited me to visit him in Urfa, so we exchanged numbers. Pray that Cuma would read his New Testament and that the Holy Spirit would lead him into all truth.