Kastamonu is too north of the İstanbul-Ankara road to see many visitors or much development. It is best known as the home of many apartment caretakers in İstanbul and Ankara. Come and make Jesus famous here.

Sowing God's word

Photo from Kastamonu

Kastamonu is not normally a province that receives a lot of tourists. So when a short-term team visited Kastamonu for The 1881 Project, they got their pictures taken and a write up in the local newspaper! Even better was the number of good conversations the team had, with many New Testaments distributed. Team members were invited into homes and many people were prayed for. One of the girls met a Turkish young woman who was a visiting English teacher, only there for one day. She was struggling with her religion and so our friend was able to give her a New Testament and to pray for her. Another team member prayed for healing for a woman at a rehabilitation clinic. Though she didn't receive physical healing, she was grateful to receive prayer and a New Testament. Ask God to water all these seeds in Kastamonu!