Kars' history was at one time was more tightly linked to Russia. You can see the influence in its architecture and the ruins of Ani, an important Armenian city, and other church ruins. Time for Kars to discover a new and living faith.

Preparing the way of the Lord!

Photo from Kars

Clear blue skies, deep green lush fields and mountains still with patches of snow greeted us while we were still in the airplane the last Monday of May. Silver streams mirrored the shining sun and our hearts were full of excitement and hope. We had a week and a mix of 6 people coming and going to meet with seekers, encourage the believers and propose to schools that native English speakers are ready to move to Kars and teach English. That week was full and every bit exciting as we saw God’s hand on lives in Kars. We met with three believers, praying and sharing life with them. We met with several seekers and looked at John 15 with one man who openly reads the New Testament and shares with his friends about what he reads. We were able to speak at five places of education about English teaching opportunities, forging relationships and sharing hearts with those who are already serving the students of Kars. May God continue to move in Kars, and may we be ready to move with him!

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    We were still in the plane on our way to Kars when we were invited by a man on the plane to visit his village. We accepted! It was a small place... more

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