Kars' history was at one time was more tightly linked to Russia. You can see the influence in its architecture and the ruins of Ani, an important Armenian city, and other church ruins. Time for Kars to discover a new and living faith.

Special openings

Photo from Kars

An apostolic team from the US had a wonderful time in some of the border provinces of the east. They write: "Yesterday we took a taxi to a specific street that we felt like the Lord spoke to go to and we literally stayed on that same street for hours! We gave a gospel tract to one man standing outside of a shop, and that led to us going into his shop and typing the gospel into his translator on his laptop! After that encounter, we were invited into another little market, where we got to give out Bibles and share the gospel! After being there for a while, we started walking along the road again and were almost immediately invited into another market where we shared the gospel with the owner. A woman walked in and we gave her a tract about how she is made in God's image and that He has a wonderful plan for her. She lit up with joy, so we gave her a movie about Jesus (in her language, Kurdish), and then when we gave her a Bible she gave the girls hugs and kisses! She was EXTREMELY thankful and excited to be able to learn all about Jesus!!