Originally part of the province of Konya, Karaman does not share Konya's fundamentalism. Its Christian history was so pronounced that it has a "Valley of 1001 Churches." All are in ruins. Come proclaim the Living Word.

Needing God to open eyes

Photo from Karaman

"In Karaman I started talking to a guy who was actually from Mersin. The conversation was very general at first, but then I asked him if he was fasting and he said yes. I then got to explain to him that fasting for us is different. From there we talked about the similarities in our faiths and I shared that Jesus is the difference. I explained that salvation comes through Christ’s grace and faith, and it is then that we desire to do good. In our conversation I was able to share with him what the Incil says about some things, in the end I offered him a DVD but he declined it, but he did give me his e mail so I can find him on Facebook." Please pray that a spiritual conversation would develop on Facebook.

  • Ploughing before sowing

    Thumbnail photo from Karaman

    An international team travelled to Karaman to see what God would do. People did not seem so interested and would even refuse gifts of DVDs and... more

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