Originally part of the province of Konya, Karaman does not share Konya's fundamentalism. Its Christian history was so pronounced that it has a "Valley of 1001 Churches." All are in ruins. Come proclaim the Living Word.

Confronting the darkness

Karaman is a small province that is very religious. A small group of believers were able to travel there in January, bringing with them a believer from the church in nearby Mersin. The team went out to a park, to play some music and to talk to people. They had a good time with two long conversations and giving out material. Then they went to another square close to the police station and started to talk to people there. They had four longer good conversations and gave out material. While in conversations the police arrived and checked everyone's identity papers, including the people with whom the team was talking. Surprisingly, the police announced the team COULD give out New Testaments! The team spent the evening and part of the next day with Emir, a contact from the BCC who was from Karaman. Both he and his mother were so happy to have the team there sharing with them. he team felt the darkness of the province keenly but because they were there, the kingdom had come to Karaman! Pray for Emir and his mother to come to a real faith and a church to emerge.