Karabük is an industrial province, though the town of Safranbolu is a charming and protected historical region. It was experiencing a recession even before the economic crisis of recent years. Karabük has no known believers.

Why did Jesus have to come?

Photo from Karabük

The beautiful town of Safranbolu is the jewel of Karabük. Wendy and Thalia were prayer walking and went to where locals hang out in the evening. Because of the nice children's park, there were many families to talk to. They sat down with one family and when asked what they were doing in Safranbolu, they told them "we are sharing what we believe." The man then claimed, "Oh, I’m a man of religion too!" He talked to them a lot about İslam and the girls responded about Jesus. But the man was confused. "If God can be seen in nature, why did Jesus have to come?" Wendy told him the story of the ants who needed to be warned, but how do you warn them if you’re not an ant. He had to become one of us so that he could tell us about God. The man was thoughtful and the girls rejoiced to be able to share so clealry. They gave him a DVD and then he asked hesitantly, “Do you have an İncil?” When they said yes and asked if he wanted to have it, he said yes! Pray for this man and his even more religious wife who has been to Mecca three times.