Karabük is an industrial province, though the town of Safranbolu is a charming and protected historical region. It was experiencing a recession even before the economic crisis of recent years. Karabük has no known believers.

A Soft Heart

In Safranbolu’s as we were praying, we saw an artist S in front of the store. He heard us speaking English, so he called us. He asked me to correct his translation from one wooden carving with a famous Turkish poem on it. Later we entered the store and we saw a wooden carving with Albrecht Durer’s famous ‘HANDS OF PRAYER’ . I suggested ‘ why don’t you make a work of art from one of the verses of our book for yourself. He asked which book, I said the N.T. After more discussion he received a N.T and said “ a few years ago a Korean gave me a N.T. I started to read it and really liked, the Words seemed real but a few days later I felt fear, so I said how can I read this book, how can I believe these Words and how can I do this on my own, so i decided to never open this book again.” Then we read some verses and explained. He listened carefully and he was looking for happiness but still hasn’t found it. He shared how he felt emptiness in his heart and is searching for God. We prayed for him and said he needs help to understand the N.T Now he got someone who can help him further.

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