Karabük is an industrial province, though the town of Safranbolu is a charming and protected historical region. It was experiencing a recession even before the economic crisis of recent years. Karabük has no known believers.


Photo from Karabük

God was giving the creative arts team travelling around northwest Anatolia words for each province. Karabük had the word of "open." Two ladies from the team visited one of the only known believers, a sweet auntie living in a retirement home who was bold in her faith in God. Pray for encouragement for her and the other local believers, most of whom are students. The guys on the team were really talented at making friends with many people they met, so they had dinner at a new friend's restaurant. Since most of the parks in Karabük city were empty, the team travelled to Safranbolu, a more touristic part of the province and set up there. The police were a bit suspicious but conveniently wandered off before the team started. At the end, a guy wandered up and whispered “The Lord be with you” before scurrying off! Another on the team was able to talk with some younger guys, answer their questions, and give various books and a New Testament.