Kahramanmaraş is part of the Eastern Mediterranean area but in character is more like the East. It is conservative with a history of sectarian violence. There are several believers but it is difficult for them to meet.

Praying for the city's finest

Photo from Kahramanmaraş
Just a few of the many opportunities to share and pray

The 18 member international team had wonderful opportunities to share with and pray with people. The civil police, who were not unaware of their presence in town, finally requested the group to leave the next day. As they were getting ready to leave as told, the young policemen in plain clothes made sure to see them off. One man from the team felt that the group should pray for the young civil servants. So a prayer of blessing and asking Jesus to reveal himself to their precious friends, with translation into Turkish was offered and the policemen were moved by this perceived act of kindness. They helped the team with getting a bus and waved goodbye. The team travelled through four different provinces and they felt continually throughout their time that the fields are ripe for harvest! Therefore, ask the Lord of the harvest to send workers into his harvest!!

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