Kahramanmaraş is part of the Eastern Mediterranean area but in character is more like the East. It is conservative with a history of sectarian violence. There are several believers but it is difficult for them to meet.

From fear to desire

Photo from Kahramanmaraş

“Two of our team were busy trying to engage people through doing a survey. While passing through a park-like area, they saw a local municipality worker sweeping the streets. While they wanted to talk to him, they noticed that he had kept his distance from them while they were speaking to others. He had the appearance of someone fearful and timid. But when they stopped to speak to someone else, they noticed that this man kept inching closer to them as he was sweeping. They began speaking with him. He at first said that he just wanted to chat and wasn’t interested in any books or literature. But as they continued to talk, he mentioned that he was curious about the New Testament but had doubts about its reliability. Finally, he accepted an offer to receive a New Testament together with a book that proves the reliability of the Scriptures. This man’s name is Bülent and asked us to send his books by cargo – he also gave his phone number.”

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