İzmir is the third largest city in Turkey and also the Biblical Smyrna. It has more churches than any city except İstanbul and unity between them has the potential to reap a great harvest. Now, for the towns and villages of Izmir!

Local believers reach out

Photo from İzmir

There’s no greater testimony than a radiant Turkish believer, passionate to reach out. M from the Resurrection Church in İzmir joined the team and spoke with three local Muslim men about typical Muslim objections to the gospel. He claimed he was just like them four years ago and proceeded to share with them how God spoke to him and changed his life. The three men agreed that they would pray and ask God to speak to them and that they would also go to the church to find out more.

  • The singing sowers

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    A team of 11 people, often supplemented with local Turkish believers, concentrated on reaching out to İzmir in January. The group would choose open... more

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