İzmir is the third largest city in Turkey and also the Biblical Smyrna. It has more churches than any city except İstanbul and unity between them has the potential to reap a great harvest. Now, for the towns and villages of Izmir!

Connecting in İzmir

Photo from İzmir

Several street outreach teams have gone to İzmir this year, but the unusual apathy from passersby didn't give us the freedom to post anything here! Praise God for Joy, who went out to look for prepared hearts. She writes: "I went to visit a lady I met once sitting on a bench. She had 14 and 16 year old nieces visiting. They asked many of the normal questions: where are you from, how long have you been in Turkey, etc. As I shared the story of how God led me to Turkey, they were shocked. They asked for me to explain how exactly I have made peace with God through Jesus Christ. We read Romans 5 together, and I shared about the peace and joy I have experienced after making Jesus Lord of my life. As I shared struggles I have had, both girls shared how they have a void in their lives which they can’t fill. We read several passages from the Bible and then asked me to pray for them. The 16 year old said “You know, I realize that many of the things I have heard about the Bible aren’t true. My perspective on things has really changed.” Please pray these girls continue to seek God.